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This article is to provide a brief description of quality plan and inspection & testing plan (ITP) for equipment and materials to be procured by CONTRACTOR for Oil & Gas EPCI Project.

Welding & Welding Inspection

Weld procedures specification (WPS) is a written document that provides direction to the welder or welding operator for making production weld in accordance with code requirements.

Quality Inspections

To ensure quality welds, it is important to have a quality weld inspection program in place. In order to do so, a company must understand how to evaluate weld characteristics, determine weld quality, and have a welding inspector capable of performing a number of different testing methods.

A welding inspector’s tools of the trade

NEWS NEWS [cmd_header_post_shortcode] Weld inspectors, especially those who are new to the trade, put a lot of emphasis on the equipment needed to do the job: flashlight, mirror, high-low gauge, pit gauge, bridge camera, and a borescope. However, this isn’t the entire...

Upfront welding inspection considerations

NEWS NEWS [cmd_header_post_shortcode] Welding inspection involves much more than simply checking the accuracy of welds after they are made. Inspectors must be knowledgeable about codes, standards, materials, and other fabricating processes. Welding inspection is not...

Welding Inspector Qualification

NEWS NEWS [cmd_header_post_shortcode] Though not always visible, welding is important to all kinds of object, from the small to cars and buildings. Because welding affects people's lives, it is important that inspectors check the work of welders for safety on a...

Welding Inspectors Responsabilities

NEWS NEWS [cmd_header_post_shortcode] Being a welding inspector you have certain responsibilities that need to be performed on a regular basis, whether it is in a plant, fab shop, or out on the ROW.  To be a welding inspector you will go through a lot of training but...